Training for men, women and young adults in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

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Our mission is to teach the proper Attitude, Knowledge, and Skills necessary for safe gun handling.  The Firearm Safety Academy, located in Medford Massachusetts, specializes in training for anyone interested in obtaining their Class A or B license to Carry (LTC) or Firearm Identification Card (FID).  Massachusetts requires any individual applying for a class A, B, or FID to take a State Police approved safety course from a certified trainer.  The most common course offered is the LTC-007 (NRA Home Safety Course), and this is what we teach.  There is no shooting component for this class, safe gun handling and general safety knowledge are first and foremost when it comes to firearms.  Yes our class is longer than our competitors classes, that’s because we adhere to the states requirements in teaching the full curriculum. Shooting air actuated video games is not part of the curriculum, we don’t sit you in front of a video and walk away, and we give all state required materials for you to take home with you.  In other words, you will get what you pay for.                        In Addition: We will also show you how to acquire your license from another state that is accepted in 32 other states. for free, no                                                                  extra classes, no extra money.

                                          Super Summer Savings !

                                                                                         007 Safety Class was $110 is now $75 

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