Moon Island Instruction


Boston and Brookline residents applying for a Massachusetts pistol permit must take a shooting exam with the Boston police department at Moon Island. The Firearm Safety Academy now offers Instruction for this exam.  We will equip you with the knowledge of everything you need to know about proper safety and marksmanship so that you will  be able to pass the exam with confidence. The cost of class covers you until you are proficient with the 38 revolver, this class is not by the hour. This class is by appointment only. call @ 617-605-6328                       

                                        Cost:  Firearms rental: $150 (2 guns)

                                        Ammunition: $30 box of 50 rounds (38 special)

                                                              $10 box 100 (22 Cal)

                                        Instruction: free

Prerequisite: Must take a firearm safety class from the FSA, or if you got your certificate from another source you must attend the structured 007 safety class at the FSA (if you have your certificate from another source the charge will be $25 to attend class)

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