So what do you write about in a gun blog?  Well most people ask me the question, What’s a good gun?  I just turn to them and say,”What do you want it for?”  Most people are afraid to say self defense.  They just say,” to shoot at the club”  So the big question is……..Really, what are you going to use it for?  Once you figure that out, then you can apply the principles to finding out which gun is a good gun.  To find the principles on choosing the right gun for the job you really need to take my class, Handguns 101. This class is for anyone and everyone. If you don’t know what gun to buy for target practice, personal defense or competing then this class is for you. All information presented in this class is a compilation of information that is based on the knowledge obtained from the past 22 years of my being a gun owner, gun dealer, a competitor, and firearms Instructor.

This class discusses: target / practice guns, defense guns and competition guns. Which guns are good to buy and which ones aren’t. The types of equipment that goes with them. Defense rounds and ballistics on some of those rounds, types of competitions and their equipment.  So to really figure out the answer to that burning question “What’s a good gun”  Come to class!